Macker Weekend is here!

Tonight starts the Macker weekend for us students. We will start stuffing bags for participants of the tournament during class, and will receive a final animation plan for the upcoming weekend. The Special Events crew will be busy with their last minute preparations, and court captains will be going through one more training session to ensure that they are able to uphold the high standards of Gus Macker.

We are beyond excited and cannot wait to get this tournament started!

Thanks to all who have been following our story!


Are You Ready for the Madness?

As Macker weekend creeps closer, our class is finding that we are focusing more and more on becoming expert court captains, and planning the special events that will take place during the weekend. Recently, time has been spent breaking up into specialty groups so that we can focus on what each of our roles will be for the weekend, and exactly how this will fit into the animation plan. 


1..2..3 MACKER! 


Patty Donovan Gives Insight to GM National

On the 21st, students were given the unique opportunity of hearing from Patty Donovan, the Vice President of Marketing & Community Affairs at Gus Macker National. Patty started by telling just how she fell into the Gus Macker family. She explained that she was working in a building near the first ever GM headquarters, and began helping out whenever she could. This volunteerism grew into a passion and she eventually took on a full time position.

Patty explained the many facets that go into deciding whether or not a town or city can hold a Gus tournament, and even passed around a Gus Macker Magic Manual, which she herself revised and put together.

Students were left with the feeling that Gus Macker truly is a event that is put on by the sheer passion of the work, and this is something we will not forget when the time comes for our tournament!

Team Bonding = Successful Events

After a week off for Spring Break, students came back together for a Gus class focused on team bonding. As we come into the home stretch of planning, T.O. and Lori found it important for us to become more aware of exactly what each groups duties are, and what they have been working on thus far. Previous group work has shown us the importance of getting to know our peers for complete success while executing an event. For this weeks class, our team bonding came in the form of ‘speed dating,’ with individuals that we may not have worked with yet this semester. Students found this exercise helpful in getting to know each other and breaking the ice.

Moving forward, we are looking forward to finalizing sponsorships, gathering volunteers, further marketing of the event, and registering teams. This next month will go quickly for all involved in this event, so please continue to watch our social media for updates and more information!

CMU & Gus Macker go Five More Years


At the press conference on February 21st, Scott McNeal extended the current partnership with CMU, and agreed to five more years of Gus Macker on our campus.  This not only means five more years of a unique learning experience for college students enrolled in the course, but also $50,000 to benefit CMU directly.

It was an amazing experience for our class to attend a press conference and hear inspiring words from both Scott, and Dick Parfitt. Dick Parfitt spoke of how honored he is to be a CMU alumnus, and how much it means to him that the proceeds of the tournament are donated to the Dick Parfitt Gymnasium in the Events Center.
After the press conference, many students headed to Hunters Ale House to prepare for the first ever Gus Macker Launch Party. At the launch party, guests enjoyed pizza and drink specials, along with a performance by The Cold City Cowboys. Guests were also encouraged to purchase raffle tickets for 20 different prize packages. The night had a great turnout, and we look forward to hearing exactly how much was raised by the Special Events Team!
Our Special Events Team with Lori & Tim at Hunters Ale House for the Gus Macker Launch Party!

Our Special Events Team with Lori & Tim at Hunters Ale House for the Gus Macker Launch Party!

3×3 Basketball Demonstration

Class started normal as usual, until T.O announced that we would be given a 3×3 basketball game example of exactly the tournament will be played. After being given official Gus Macker Basketball score sheets, we headed to Finch Fieldhouse gym and watched six high school students play the game. We were given instructions of how players will call their own fouls, and a description of what the ‘Gusbuster’s’ job will entail. The game was a nail biter and tied for the majority of the time–lets hope our tournament turns out to be just as evenly matched! To view photos from the 3×3 demonstration, please view our media gallery.

Our Special Events team found themselves at Hunter’s Ale House, continuing to plan the promotional party that will take place this Thursday at 8:00.

We are all looking forward to the press conference that will be held this Thursday in the CMU Event Center in which Scott, McNeal will announce and sign with CMU for five more years of CMU Gus Macker tournaments.

Guest Speaker Gives Rundown on Managing Volunteers

On Thursday, February 7th our class got the pleasure of hearing from T.O’s mother, Suzi. Suzi has a strong history of managing volunteers and was able to lend some of her knowledge of this from years of hosting past events.

While everyone in our class has been a volunteer at one point or another, not many of us have taken on the challenge of managing volunteers. Some advice Suzi shared included the qualities she finds most important in a volunteer. Such as; being reliable, having a positive attitude, and having a detailed understanding of what is being asked of them. In addition to choosing the ‘right’ volunteer you also have to know how to keep that person happy…which Suzi does best through the use of her stocked fanny-pack that stores everything from Tylenol to nail clippers.

Suzi also reinforced how important it is to try and place your volunteer in a position that they will enjoy. I.e; don’t place an introvert at a table where they need to meet, greet and mingle with the guests of your event.

By the end of class we felt more secure in our launch party at Hunter’s Ale House on the 21st from 8-11pm. T.O also announced that all was a-go for the Press Conference at 5:00 at CMU Events center. Both events have our class very busy, but very excited as well!

Welcome to College Macker 2013

Welcome to the CMU College Macker blog. This blog will keep you updated on all things that go on for this particular tournament. Stayed tuned to see not only what we accomplish through classwork, but also to learn about exciting opportunities to get involved in the tournament yourself. 

This Gus Macker is comprised of two enthusiastic leaders, and thirty driven students. Throughout this semester, these thirty students will take on the challenge of not only planning and executing the tournament weekend, but also promotional events and marketing prior to the main event.  

To stay updated on the latest information, continue to check in here and please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.